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WSF is an innovative DeFi project that focuses on the community. It is developed by the people, for the people. All decisions and actions of WSF protocol will be made by its members and community to ensure equality and fairness for everyone. WSF is a new form of governance and our main goal is to deliver a necessary utility focus to DeFi.


Smart contract is audited by Blockchain Consilium.
Contract Address – 0x4819a96eb4b22454d628cd683ae052c2c9076808


Stake your WSF tokens to Earn more. 100% Constant APY without any worry.


Farm WSF with WETH/DAI/LP Pools at best APY.


A Decentralized Exchanges (Fork of Uniswap) with negligible fee. A flagship and game changer in DeFi space.


A powerful DeFi platform where people can Borrow and Lend there assets and earn interest over time. Insurance platform will provide a extra layer of security for your assets..


Presale - 3000

Uniswap - 500

Staking - 3000

Team - 1500 (Locked for 1 Year)

Development - 1000

Marketing - 300

Advisory - 500

Exchange - 700

Reserve - 269



All of you have noticed that with the rise of DeFi popularity in 2020, good human beings have lost valuable money in SCAMS and RUGPULL projects.

Due to the increased popularity in YF, most projects were launched based on hype, having little, to no utility. Some projects offer eye-catching APY for farming, which unfortunately benefits the whales and devalues the tokens. In farming, small investors stayed in the loss column.

After witnessing numerous scam projects in Defi, we created a revolution in the DeFi space and have named it WSF. With us, everyone will have equal opportunity, irrespective of their portfolio. Our goal is to make staking profitable for the long haul.

People want change and together we will accomplish it!

We have earmarked 50% of the fees earned from staking to buy WSF coins off the open-market, and have deposited them back into our WSF staking pool. This allows WSF to sustain itself and keeps the program operational far beyond any of its competitors. We have deliberately approached this project from a different integrity standpoint. And in return, we have successfully conducted our audit for our smart contract by Blockchain Consilium and passed before we offered to hold a presale event.
Recently, the staking smart contract audit is also successfully conducted by Blockchain Consilium and passed before Uniswap Launch. Our intention of approaching from a integrity perspective is to ease the mind of our community.


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Wswap Dex        Insurance

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